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This is a GREAT soup and is super easy to make and will last a couple of days. The toughest part about it is chopping all the veggies. It’s on the healthier side too, packed with veggies!

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big big fan of cooking with the cast iron pan. to be able to cook on the stove, then throw it in the oven to finish up is such a pro-level move.

this is great on cold weather days and it’ll last for several days.

you could substitute the ground beef with ground lamb to go more traditional

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pasta and beans… an olive garden classic.

this makes 2 soups from OG that we’ve copied (and made better). make an easy salad dressed with actual olive garden salad dressing. this meal will last two people 3 days… if you can stand it

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Chicken breast is my least favorite cut of the animal. It ends up bland or dry. I’ve been on the lookout for some recipes and have found a few (grilled lemon yogurt chicken, for one).

Was a fan of this and will mess around with it to get it closer to what i’m looking for. A few lessons learned:

  • Maybe get a better wine? Reached for the cheap stuff but maybe get something that has a bit more flavor coming through
  • Changed the original recipe and added paprika, but i don’t think it was really needed
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super easy to make — the site i got the idea from has a million ads and a long-ass story about the blogger’s family eating tacos. so i’m putting it here!

reserve some time for prep!

also, don’t skip the sauce — it’s delicious

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got the original idea from sam the cooking guy. it’s super tasty no matter what toppings you add to it… a couple lessons learned from it though:

  1. if buying a 1 pound dough ball from the store, definitely take it out of the fridge to get to room temp — it’ll help the process of stretching it out
  2. actually, if you’re using a large sheet pan, definitely get 2 pounds of dough to properly stretch it to the edges. made that mistake and had to downgrade to the smaller sheet pan
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the only tough part about this recipe is having to grate the cheese block, which is preferred. i guess if you get pre-shredded cheese, it won’t melt as nice and you’ll get clumpage.

otherwise, it’s a super easy recipe that’s all done in the instant pot. you’ll have food for two people for 2-3 days

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comfort foods are the best foods. they’re an awesome treat every once in a while…

it’s creamy, meaty, noodley, and ALWAYS hits the spot

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i absolutely love the sous vide method of cooking — especially for red meat. the tri-tip cut can be difficult to grill since it’s got different thicknesses from end to end. some parts will be perfect, some will still be under temp… it’s stressful.

sous vide to the rescue!

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