With breadmaking, making a focacch is probably the easiest thing to do. It only takes a few ingredients and time (24+ hours). In any case, it’s still pretty cool to be able to make your own bread from scratch.

The end result is a buttery/nutty flavor with a nice crispy crust.

Make this bread and bring it to parties. I promise you everyone will get full off this appetizer (especially if paired with meat and cheese).

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another recipe that will last you 2-3 days. don’t worry about timing — everything just ends up finishing at the right time.

the cheese sauce tastes pretty similar to chipotle’s queso. i’m pretty tempted to make just the cheese sauce and dip some chips in it.

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Make this now. It really reminds me of eating out in an Italian restaurant. You have creaminess from butter and pasta water and a bit of a heat from the red pepper flakes.

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This is a GREAT soup and is super easy to make and will last a couple of days. The toughest part about it is chopping all the veggies. It’s on the healthier side too, packed with veggies!

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big big fan of cooking with the cast iron pan. to be able to cook on the stove, then throw it in the oven to finish up is such a pro-level move.

this is great on cold weather days and it’ll last for several days.

you could substitute the ground beef with ground lamb to go more traditional

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pasta and beans… an olive garden classic.

this makes 2 soups from OG that we’ve copied (and made better). make an easy salad dressed with actual olive garden salad dressing. this meal will last two people 3 days… if you can stand it

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Always loved this.

Please Quit If You (去ってほしい社員の条件)

  • Have no ideas (・知恵のでない社員)
  • Can’t act on your own (・言わなければできない社員)
  • Always rely on others (・すぐ他人の力に頼る社員)
  • Shirk responsibility (・すぐ責任を転嫁する社員)
  • Lack enthusiasm (・やる気旺盛でない社員)
  • Constantly complain (・すぐ不平不満を云う社員)
  • Take off work and are often late (・よく休みよく遅れる社員)

Chicken breast is my least favorite cut of the animal. It ends up bland or dry. I’ve been on the lookout for some recipes and have found a few (grilled lemon yogurt chicken, for one).

Was a fan of this and will mess around with it to get it closer to what i’m looking for. A few lessons learned:

  • Maybe get a better wine? Reached for the cheap stuff but maybe get something that has a bit more flavor coming through
  • Changed the original recipe and added paprika, but i don’t think it was really needed
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super easy to make — the site i got the idea from has a million ads and a long-ass story about the blogger’s family eating tacos. so i’m putting it here!

reserve some time for prep!

also, don’t skip the sauce — it’s delicious

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