Year: 2009

as i write the title of this tutorial, i can tell it might get long and/or complicated… i’ll try my best… here we go

FIRST, you’ll need the tools — download virtual pc (especially if you run windows vista) and then grab an image here — i would suggest getting the IE6 image, since that version of IE is the “worst” of them all
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i feel that i should add a few notes as an addendum to my previous post — call it the “companion pack,” if you will

  • after you modify the “default” folder in the “wp-content\themes” directory, make a copy of it and rename it to something… anything…
    • i found this out the hard way. wordpress just recently did a string of updates (currently 2.8.2) and every time i’d do an update, my site would revert back to the default layout
    • luckily i had all my files locally so i was able to re-upload to the default folder
    • it only took me 3 upgrades to figure out that i had to rename the folder so that wordpress wouldn’t overwrite my work

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hot on the heels of my first tutorial, i come back at ya with a new one.

i REALLY like using wordpress as a cms — not only for its ease of customization or its extensive library of useful (mostly) plugins, but for these two huge reasons:

  1. ability for the end-user to modify the web site content without breaking the overall site geography
  2. search engine optimization — yea i kinda did mention them earlier, but several plugins can work to help your site get spidered like the best of them.

so i guess that answers the “why use wordpress?” question — here’s my method of getting a custom theme setup for wordpress
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so chaunce asked if i could do a small tutorial for a wordpress (wp) question he had… i’m honored that he asked me to do so… actually, i think i might start to write a bunch of tutorials that i’ve learned along the way…

and here… we… go…

this tutorial deals with the user wanting a site with a blog and pages, but the user wants a specific page to be the front page, not the blog (something similar to andy’s site, but not — since he doesn’t want his site to be full-on wordpress)

*note, i suck at technical writing, but i’ll try to fake it… i’m open to suggestions/comments for future tutorials
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