Year: 2020

the only tough part about this recipe is having to grate the cheese block, which is preferred. i guess if you get pre-shredded cheese, it won’t melt as nice and you’ll get clumpage.

otherwise, it’s a super easy recipe that’s all done in the instant pot. you’ll have food for two people for 2-3 days

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comfort foods are the best foods. they’re an awesome treat every once in a while…

it’s creamy, meaty, noodley, and ALWAYS hits the spot

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i’m not here to judge — change is tough. but i will say that gutenberg makes the content creation experience so fun

that said, you might have a site where gutenberg isn’t necessary (a bunch of metadata options for each page/post type)

so instead of installing an older version of wordpress (v4.9.*), use this function to disable gutenberg and revert to the classic editor

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i absolutely love the sous vide method of cooking — especially for red meat. the tri-tip cut can be difficult to grill since it’s got different thicknesses from end to end. some parts will be perfect, some will still be under temp… it’s stressful.

sous vide to the rescue!

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this recipe came from our local trader joe’s — had no idea they did such a thing. pretty smart of them since you get everything you need right there. this is super easy to make and it doesn’t take much time at all!

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this soup is definitely a staple in our house. this makes enough for 2 nights (for 2 people). serve it with some rustic-ass bread

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as mentioned in my previous post, i used lighthouse to create reports to show the status of four important stats: performance, accessibility, best practices, and seo

Initial report

here was the initial report created on launch day

Lighthouse report
initial launch day lighthouse report

“all green” (90-100 scores) was the initial goal

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or: quarantine life is very boring

that said, i’ve learned a lot from my time at rdi, development-wise — i wanted to apply those learnings to my personal site. this is how i get better at things — by doing

…also, i haven’t updated this code since 2017 — it’s been way too long

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trust me — it’s better than olive garden. all you need is salad and breadsticks!

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