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Always loved this.

Please Quit If You (去ってほしい社員の条件)

  • Have no ideas (・知恵のでない社員)
  • Can’t act on your own (・言わなければできない社員)
  • Always rely on others (・すぐ他人の力に頼る社員)
  • Shirk responsibility (・すぐ責任を転嫁する社員)
  • Lack enthusiasm (・やる気旺盛でない社員)
  • Constantly complain (・すぐ不平不満を云う社員)
  • Take off work and are often late (・よく休みよく遅れる社員)

welp… i’m officially a senior web developer for competitor group, inc.

it’s huge.

it blows my mind that i’m a senior at something… especially when that something is typing letters, numbers, and symbols that eventually turn into a website.

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our waiters at bj’s looked a lot like christoph waltz (of inglourious basterds and django unchained fame)

i’m getting pretty good at spotting doppelgangers…


he was a good sport for posing next to my phone…


he said he normally gets likened to ben stiller

i’ve been doing the gorirra side business with geoffro for several years now. i’ve always had the mindset that it was just a side business that would occasionally get me cool toys and free food/beer — well, it still gets us that, but the main part was that it was JUST A SIDE BUSINESS — nothing more.

i came across this wonderfully inspiring article titled “why ‘side projects’ matter?

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i’ve seen a few good doppelgängers in my day… but they’re always qualified with a “but” e.g. “that looks like ‘so and so,’ but fatter”

there’s a good one at ballast point — one of the chicks that works there looks like rashida jones

over the weekend, i spotted the doppelgänger to end all doppelgängers — he essentially was THREE people Read more »

the strange things people search for on Google and stumble on my site…