New Condo: One Month Review

so it’s been one month since i got the keys to my new place… it still feels weird that i own this place

i’ve learned a lot in this first month of homeownership… here’s the low down

  • i got super anxious that i didn’t pay a bill on time… i just recently got my first payment statement for my mortgage in the mail yesterday. paid it online and will set it up for monthly automatic withdrawals. i think that’s all i was anxious about — getting the bill and setting it (then forgetting it). hoa still hasn’t come in yet… hoping it’ll be in today or early next week
  • i have all but one box left. it’s a box of hdmi cables. i have a million hdmi cables. if you need one, let me know. the sad part is i need to buy a couple more cables: hdmi and an audio optical one… at least 12 ft… i think
  • i have a grill. it’s a four-burner. i’m excited! i have yet to use it… i don’t know what i’ll make for her maiden voyage
  • i’ve received a lot of junk mail disguised TOO DAMN WELL as legit mail… it’s the domain registry of america equivalent to new homeowners. i’ve been very careful to read every single piece of mail before either shredding it recycling it… but these letters make me think twice, thrice, quadrice even (i had to google quadrice).
    • the one’s that almost got me was “send money to get a copy of your deed” — but wait… i already have a legit copy that’s signed and stamped
    • the other was “get mortgage insurance in case you die!” — i got several of these… so i figured it was something i didn’t really need. if i die, i figure i got bigger problems to deal with
  • i’ve had several issues around the house, but it was nothing too major that my dad couldn’t fix. i’d be down thousands of dollars if it wasn’t for him — such a great handyman!

first step was getting everything moved in and finding a home for everything, including getting rid of stuff i don’t need (donating/selling). this step will be to clean up wires and get decorations (plants and wooden bowls with woven balls in them). i realize now that the art that i have collected through the years is… childish. i need to get some real art — maybe seek dave’s advice

tomorrow i get a dining table! hoping i’ll be able to host guests soon thereafter…

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