new condo: first weekend

next time i move, i’m hiring a moving company.

i’m so sore (or as greg would say, “soar”)… two flights of stairs, heavy boxes, big furniture, and probably the hottest weekend san diego’s had this summer. i can’t thank geoff, mexi-ray, josh, and even amanda for coming out to help — they definitely made the move much quicker and more efficient

i’m done though… for the most part. i’m sure i forgot some things back at my old place. speaking of the old place, one of the tough parts of moving out of there was going through every cabinet, every drawer, every closet and making sure i wasn’t taking their stuff… i think i took two of their ramekins, which i WILL give back… sheesh!

having boxes everywhere definitely makes me super anxious — i just want to tear into them and place everything in the right spot. but i also have to prioritize: bed, closet, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, etc…

i got the bed all set up, all my clothes are in the closet (in a random order, mind you), and i started a few loads of laundry (washer is fairly new but the dryer is kinda old — upgrade in the near future?)

i was able to dishwash all my plates and glassware and it felt amazing. as soon as it finished, i started to unload and stack them into the cupboard… they were hot. like, really hot. you know when a waiter brings your food out and says, “watch out, the plate’s hot” yet you still touch it and it is fuckin’ hot? it was hotter

i have internet! this seems like such a small/trivial thing in the grand scheme of things (and it is), but when your job title is web developer, you really can’t go many days without it… oh yea, and it’s pretty speedy!

still a bunch to take care of before i can really relax…

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