i’m a senior!

welp… i’m officially a senior web developer for competitor group, inc.

it’s huge.

it blows my mind that i’m a senior at something… especially when that something is typing letters, numbers, and symbols that eventually turn into a website.

if this was an awards ceremony, i’d like to thank my family, who have supported me through all my decisions in life; my loving fiancee, melissa, who has the patience of a saint with me and my work ethic; and my (biz) partner, geoff (for the reasons pointed out in this link). also my boss, scott, who has gone to bat for me countless times.

what’s next for me in this phase of my career?

PERFORMANCE. people talk about responsive, but they don’t talk much about responsible responsive. i intend to go back through work sites i’ve built to make them as lean and fast as possible.

so hopefully expect some scenarios/cases about those soon!

oh, and to mark the awesome first day of being a senior — my fiancee sends me this

Senior developer

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