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i’m not getting a ps4. i’m quite content with my ps3 — except for when either it overheats or the controllers decide to randomly push buttons for me when i’m playing a game.

not cool at all. especially when i’m on a breakaway down the pitch and my player decides to boot it into the stands sitting in the sideline (fifa)

this has happened to me before… it’s quite annoying. i used to think that it may have been interference effing with the connection from controller to ps3… but apparently it’s the contacts within the controller itself

to the youtubes! i found this great video tutorial, discussing the problem and also the solution. all i really needed was electrical tape and a jeweler’s screwdriver

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the fifa video game franchise is one of the most popular worldwide.

when ’12 came out, there were a few major things that were missing from the previous year’s release.

the most notable to me was the elimination of offline profiles. I forget exactly what they were called in ’11 but it allowed you to play friends locally and it’ll TRACK YOUR STATS.

this is especially cool if you’re a stats nerd like me. from wins to goals scored to red cards, it was all there…

woulda been nice to keep that info in-game… that NEEDS to come back. I’m guessing it was removed to make room for the online head to head feature. it’s cool and all… I mean I really like how you can get relegated or promoted like an actual team, but you have to play online.

this leads me to my next peeve…

people who play games with their 56k modem need to a) not be allowed to play online and b) dragged into the street and curb stomped

I’ve played quite a number of games online and the most annoying thing that happens is LAG. the worst part is that you can’t quit. well I guess you can, but you’ll get dinged for a disconnect.

I guess those are the things that bother me with the game… love the overall gameplay, graphics, and sound (especially playing in a mexican stadium… holy drums and horns)

oh and maybe they should get rid of the viagra blue and old-school brown balls… they’re so tough to see!

friggin dave for gettin’ that stuck in my head…

anyway, check it out — keyboard cat vs. mario (best part is how they remembered to get that last random note!)

i know it’s a fan-made video, but i could totally see kanye doing this

lastly, from my trip to the capcom-unity site… is this gem — it’s an animated gif of some dood wrestling a blow up doll (not like the one that andy has)… and get this — he friggin’ wrestles like ZANGIEF

does anyone know when the marvel v. capcom 2 game come out? i’m le tired to read it


i am this close |–| to pickin’ up mlb 09 the show (sweet… adrian got some face time in one of their vids)

there are a lot of sick new features with this game… i really like the 40-man roster thing

oh yea… and since matt vasgersian has left the padres, i gotta get my fix somehow, speak of the devil:


…and i still have to beat fallout…

ok i normally don’t post a ton in one day… but i was dying as i was watching this… this was one of the best games on n64:


and what the holy hell — this guy is awesome:


and of course, one of the sickest drummers i’ve seen — vadrum: