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So Childish

“I’ll be right by your side ’til 3005, hold up”

fixing my ps3 controller with… electrical tape?

i’m not getting a ps4. i’m quite content with my ps3 — except for when either it overheats or the controllers decide to randomly push buttons for me when i’m playing a game.


not cool at all. especially when i’m on a breakaway down the pitch and my player decides to boot it into the stands sitting in the sideline (fifa)

this has happened to me before… it’s quite annoying. i used to think that it may have been interference effing with the connection from controller to ps3… but apparently it’s the contacts within the controller itself

to the youtubes! i found this great video tutorial, discussing the problem and also the solution. all i really needed was electrical tape and a jeweler’s screwdriver Read the rest of this entry »

chase utley’s response to mac

there are so many awesome parts of this video. the fact that chase reads it like it’s a real letter, mac’s photo, that it’s put up by mlbfancave, and that there are fucking stickers in his letter!

original letter here

goat lucky

the whole screaming goat thing is weird…

yea so… this is pretty much me

this is how excited i get when one of my work’s magazines come out