Month: March 2010

so there was MUCH buzz during the wedding week about “the fpsa show” — the podcast that sarmad and i ran… we used to have it posted on odeo, itunes, and our own personal blogs…

oddly enough, there was no trace of it out on the interwebz…

the fpsa show is back online!
the fpsa show is back online!

luckily (for you), we kept backups of every recording… even the outtakes — and there are some good ones

so without further ado, here is the fpsa show podcast featuring sarmad and joey (with guest appearances by dave, saman, and fernando vargas)


so i’ve FINALLY updated the gorirra site… it wasn’t just a small cosmetic change neither… it’s a whole upgrade to the wordpress cms.

i’m really happy with the way it turned out — it’s simple and modern <toot toot>

i’m kinda glad i didn’t go with my initial mockup:

wise decision...

one more post about the life and times of tim… i caught up on season 1 and it’s pretty hilarious… the shit that he gets into is ridiculous… kinda reminds me of larry david-type character… but not as loud

lemme try to prep this clip — basically, this priest has a thing called “monday night confessional” where people come over to his place to watch football and then do confessional during halftime… hilarity ensues (click tim’s face)

click tim for the video clip

and here’s a hilarious wallpaper referring to the previous clip

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i saw some of this show on hbo called “the life and times of tim“… pretty funny — the main character always seems to get into awkward situtations

here’s a clip from the show… i really just wanted to test playing FLV’s from my site (in a modal)… so here we go

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so i went to trivia at kelly’s pub with a bunch of friends and we effin’ won… we beat these other teams who frequent trivia night also… and they’re bastards too — they drink water and get one order of chips… we had to take ’em out

* it should be noted that the other teams are old women… not even cougars… sheesh…

so yea… we won and of course, i showed some shitty sportsmanship but yelling, fist-pumping, and dancing a jig…

here’s our scoresheet, like you even care…

on the topic of “figuring things out wrt coding” — i was working on converting a site to wordpress and was trying to figure out how to get a home page movie to appear ONLY on the home page (easily).
so i looked around and found out there was a wordpress function called “is_front_page()”

so, along with a nifty fade in/fade out script, i created this in the header.php file:

  if ( is_front_page() ) {
  echo "
    <div class=\"hpmovie\">
      <div id=\"xlide\">
        <img src=\"wp-content/themes/[THEMENAME]/images/5.jpg\"
          alt=\"\" />
        <img src=\"wp-content/themes/[THEMENAME]/images/11.jpg\"
          alt=\"\" />

so basically, if it’s the home page, it’ll write stuff to the page… boom

so this won’t make sense to any of you, but i was pretty proud of myself when i made this. i used various xsl elements to basically have the page pull data from an xml document:


<xsl:variable name="readmore">
    <xsl:when test="@readmore != ''">
      <xsl:value-of select="@readmore" />
      See all <xsl:value-of select="@title" />
<div style="font-size:8pt;">
  <a href="{@url}"><xsl:value-of select="$readmore" /></a>

this is a sample of the xml that it pulls:

<page id="..." title="Newsletters" url="newsletters.asp"
  description="blah blah blah">

so since there isn’t a title attribute to this node, it’ll default to the title. on the page, it’ll say “See all Newsletters”

i made it myself! yay

a track from fairly new brit hip hop act, mr. hudson

you might’ve heard him on jay-z’s album — “young forever”


he also reminds me of a stylish “silas” from the da vinci code:

mr. hudson
heard this song first on sarmad’s vegas mega mix earlier this year (tho this isn’t the album version…)

mr. hudson feat. kanye west – anyone but him