more coding funzz!

on the topic of “figuring things out wrt coding” — i was working on converting a site to wordpress and was trying to figure out how to get a home page movie to appear ONLY on the home page (easily).
so i looked around and found out there was a wordpress function called “is_front_page()”

so, along with a nifty fade in/fade out script, i created this in the header.php file:

  if ( is_front_page() ) {
  echo "
    <div class=\"hpmovie\">
      <div id=\"xlide\">
        <img src=\"wp-content/themes/[THEMENAME]/images/5.jpg\"
          alt=\"\" />
        <img src=\"wp-content/themes/[THEMENAME]/images/11.jpg\"
          alt=\"\" />

so basically, if it’s the home page, it’ll write stuff to the page… boom

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