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monkey business

i’ve been doing the gorirra side business with geoffro for several years now. i’ve always had the mindset that it was just a side business that would occasionally get me cool toys and free food/beer — well, it still gets us that, but the main part was that it was JUST A SIDE BUSINESS — nothing more.

i came across this wonderfully inspiring article titled “why ‘side projects’ matter?

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ever heard of starbucks?

it’s been a loooong couple of weeks for me… not only do i have a plateful at work, i got several projects for gorirra i gotta take care of.

i LOVE procrastinating… i actually wanted to write this post earlier in the week, but, well… you know how that goes?

java chip frappuccino, please?

so anyway, i wanted to work in “solitude” so i hit up a starbucks over by my place that doesn’t get much business. i get in and just as i thought… not many people in there and there was a big table for me to set up my laptop and other crap

i go to the baristas and ask about the wireless and apparently it’s not just for t-mobile hot spots or at&t users anymore! all i had to do was get a starbucks card and then register it… i’d then have 2 free hours of wifi there everyday.

i was looking at the card’s rewards and they’re pretty good… especially the free drink on your birthday.

after 5 stars (you get a “star” each time you pay with the card), you get to customize your drink with syrups, butterfingers, cheeseburgers, etc.

after 30 stars, you get a free drink after 15 stars

not bad… i’d really just like the free wireless angle of it — they had me at hello

so anyway, i was talking to the baristas there cuz they looked pretty bored and i mentioned foursquare and how i want to be the mayor of the place.

i swear they looked at me like i was a visitor from the future… “whaaaaat? fouurrsqqquareee?”

they mentioned that they got a letter about it, but they didn’t quite grasp it… so this means i shouldn’t be mayor of this particular one — they wouldn’t know what to do…

the band of primates

so i’ve FINALLY updated the gorirra site… it wasn’t just a small cosmetic change neither… it’s a whole upgrade to the wordpress cms.

i’m really happy with the way it turned out — it’s simple and modern <toot toot>

i’m kinda glad i didn’t go with my initial mockup:

wise decision...

i’m lazy

yup… that’s it… i’m lazy!

before this year is through, i’ll update my beer list… i “promise” (see that? i put it in quotes so you can’t hold me to it!)

i prolly won’t be putting as much description in the posts since i drank most of them months ago…

what i do know is i won’t be doing another “year of the beer” thing next year…

yes, my alcohol tolerance has skyrocketed, but i’ve got a gut for days… christ… i’m at a point in my life where i get back injuries from playing one game of ping pong (i did win tho… suck it, andy!)

oh yea… i also wanna write up a review about this seidio booberry case i got (it’s not gonna be good for them…)

been crazy busy at work (for which i’m thankful, right? right?) — been part of some fun, major projects… another of which is almost done… and it looks like gorirra is gonna make a last quarter sprint with some (3) upcoming projects… let’s just say this year’s company christmas party is gonna be off the heezy (party of 2… ha)

promote synergy!

“wtf, joe?”

yea i know… the site’s been collecting a bit of dust, which normally means that i’ve been busy with projects or i’m lazy (or both)

so what’s been up?

  • i’m still drinking beer… i’ve broken the goal of 50… and of course i’m behind on writing about them… talk about fanfare, eh? i think i want to blame wordpress for that… first for releasing 2.8, which had tons of issues (or maybe my site design had the issues… nahhhh). but then i just recently upgraded to 2.8.1, which is a lot better, i don’t get as many errors (they’re still there, but i can write posts at least)
    i found out it’s mostly to do with old plugins that aren’t compatible with the new versions… which is lame-o!
  • on the topic of web development, things have been movin’ along well at work and gorirra… i think i’m running myself ragged tho — after these projects on the table, i think i’m gonna take a break somehow… doubt it tho — oh well…
  • hung out with the fpsa kids over the fourth, where our motto was “24 hours to live” — fun times…
  • padres stink, as they are wont to do… effin’ a… football’s right around the corner i guess
  • i twitter a bunch, so you can pretty much follow my going’s-ons there… (left column of my site — booyah)

is that it? i think so… everything’s been pretty much status quo…

ahh… so here’s something — chaunce, andy, and i were talking about clever ways to hide particular files on one’s computer… i’m sure you all have clever ideas, so post it out… you can be “anonymous” if you want (tho i’ll know who you are, you dirty bastard)

i know mark has a folder on his desktop that says, “mark’s 2008 tax stuff” — very clever, mark… very clever.

the lonely island – like a boss