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it’s glorious

the strange things people search for on Google and stumble on my site…


the google will take over the world

sweet… i FINALLY got the go-ahead from grandcentral to upgrade my account to googlevoice! been waiting on this for a while now.


did some quick tests and so far, it’s pretty nifty — it doesn’t replace any phones you have (for now…), it’s more of an add-on:

  • ability to link multiple phone numbers — it’s the only number you’ll need to remember
    • neat — you can transfer calls from saved number to another
  • sending a call to voicemail and being able to hear the person as they leave the voicemail — then you can actually pick it up at that point (listenin)
  • recording incoming phone calls (all stored online)
  • sickest feature: if someone leaves a voicemail, it’ll store that online AND also transcribe it for you — oh and you’ll get a text with that transcribed message too
    • on a side note, i absolutely hate it when people leave a 2 second voicemail like “hey give me a call back” — ummm… you coulda texted that to me or i woulda noticed that you called anyway

but i digress…

overall, it’s a slick service! i’m gonna be using mainly for the biz — so i can keep track of client calls and also record them if the client gets outta hand… ha

this is what you get when you mess with us

you know what’s weird? i bought this new domain name on sunday and i just happened to check google last night and bam — i’m already in google (2 days!)

the cool part was that the budweiser post was already spidered that night — very sneaky google…

so far there’s one bug with the new site — and it’s pretty big… in firefox, forms can’t be filled in unless you first right click in them. stupidly enough, IE works fine —

sarmad: I guess that goes against your “what? really? bullshit… use firefox and it’ll be fine”  canned-response

it’s bad karma i guess (oh.. that’s why you wrote that title for this post — you’re clever, joey!)

chaunce suggested that the scripts that i’m using might be the culprit… so i gotta get my troubleshooting hat on (it’s at home, btw) and try that out…

** quick note on chaunce’s site, he’s got some sik ringtones for iphones and regular phones alike:

so with google checking out my site, hopefully more people will read my reviews — or they’ll read about a guy whose liver failed when trying to accomplish some lame ’50 beer goal’

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