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“Responsive” Email

i guess it really shouldn’t be called “responsive” — it’s more “adaptive”. i mean, you can’t resize your browser or outlook window and expect it to update on the fly.


i’d like to say i’m pretty good at coding up html pages with css… and getting better and better at making sites responsive. well, only some of those skills are needed to code html emails

it’s a pain. a big one.

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New Condo: One Month Review

so it’s been one month since i got the keys to my new place… it still feels weird that i own this place

i’ve learned a lot in this first month of homeownership… here’s the low down

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BumPal, Bummo

i had this idea that was cool, “game-changing” (ughh), etc. but it woulda taken way too many resources for me to execute by myself

the idea came to me when i was sitting in the patio of a starbucks and a homeless man walked up to me, asking for spare change on the other side of the fence. i’m not a fan of this kind of panhandling — it’s rude and can be somewhat scary.

so there’s a popular app that i love called “venmo,” which allows the user to send money (without fees) to friends. the best part of the app (besides the no-fees thing) is the social aspect. so you can pay someone and then tweet a message. these messages get pretty creative (and lewd)

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chase utley’s response to mac

there are so many awesome parts of this video. the fact that chase reads it like it’s a real letter, mac’s photo, that it’s put up by mlbfancave, and that there are fucking stickers in his letter!

original letter here

new condo: first weekend

next time i move, i’m hiring a moving company.

i’m so sore (or as greg would say, “soar”)… two flights of stairs, heavy boxes, big furniture, and probably the hottest weekend san diego’s had this summer. i can’t thank geoff, mexi-ray, josh, and even amanda for coming out to help — they definitely made the move much quicker and more efficient

i’m done though… for the most part. i’m sure i forgot some things back at my old place. speaking of the old place, one of the tough parts of moving out of there was going through every cabinet, every drawer, every closet and making sure i wasn’t taking their stuff… i think i took two of their ramekins, which i WILL give back… sheesh!

having boxes everywhere definitely makes me super anxious — i just want to tear into them and place everything in the right spot. but i also have to prioritize: bed, closet, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, etc…

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