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who raps to the parks & rec theme song?

i’m a fan of the show parks and recreation on nbc…

andy found a pretty sick remix of the opening theme song, which is pretty catchy by itself…


it’s by a rapper named e-dubble (reverbnation)…

e-dubble – ff#7 – hampden parks

check out his other ff’s (freestyle fridays)… pretty slick

on the topic of parks and rec, here’s a funny spoof of the video (with star wars)


star wars art posters

so it’s been a while since i’ve gotten a wall print… mainly because i haven’t seen much that has caught my eye… until, perhaps, now…

justin van genderen has created  a series of star wars-inspired prints, and they’re super minimalist.

i’m such a nerd — i love the alderaan one… geezus

gallery store

you’re mr. stevens?

i stumbled on a youtube video of eddie izzard recently — a bit he did on an unedited scene from star wars… it’s pretty hilarious

i couldn’t find the audio track so i made it myself from a video i found (yarr!)

it’s from his stand up video “circle” – the death star canteen

he’s a strange one, he is… he dresses up as a woman on stage, but he’s apparently not gay? fair warning before you see the video below… haha

here’s another of his bits — “do you have a flag?”


bored as hell and i wanna get ill

so i FINALLY got my david flores prints from artasylum (that’s another story for another time… sheesh)

i got one of the three (stormtrooper) and it’s siiiik — the lines are bold and the overall design is minimalistic

frame from michael’s — a better quality one than the previous ones i’ve gotten (for the tyler stout posters)

and to appease sarmad, i took pics with a digital cam… no mr. fuzzycam here

some tunage: dynamite hack – boyz n the hood

a stroll down memory lane part i

thanks to rob, all those random videos we made during high school are slowly getting saved on youtube…

this one was made in 1999 for a senior english project… it was me, chris, dave, and that other dood is mike… i don’t remember his last name, but i know it sounded dirty, like mike hunt or something… oh yes… it was mike long


i digress…

you don’t really need to know what the project was about — this little part was really the best part… HUGE props to rob for the editing work, getting the light saber sounds (and door sounds) to sync up well with the video (btw, the fart sound was well executed by sarmad)

and the gratuitous muscle shot… oh man… that’s why he was the lead singer of brodie… alright, joe, how about we move away from the gay comments…

you can tell what was hip at the time — wwf (not wwe, mind you) and star wars (episode 1 was JUST released)



damn we were nerds