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fpsa…. reunite!

sarmad, sharon, and baby marcus are in town so the gang got together… rolled around la jolla and windandsea beach, his old haunts…

sharon turned in early so we headed west so sarmad can see the sun set into the ocean

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lazy rock!

i’m gonna lose some of my street cred, but here we go

for a change, i started listening to some “lazy rock”

don’t get me wrong… i’m still all about the kanye…

it’s essentially indie-rock or indie-folk, but it pretty much all sounds the same… i’m digging pomplamoose, she and him, the bird and the bee

once you listen to these bands, you’ll see why i affectionately call it lazy rock… normally it’s a female singer who doesn’t try to belt out the lyrics… it’s more melodic and subtle

pomplamoose has some pretty cool youtube videos that show how they record their songs… not sure if it’s really their process… seems easier to play a full on drum set instead of each piece separately… but that’s just me. oh and it should be stated that nataly’s facial expressions get me every time…

Pomplamoose – Expiration Date

she and him is zooey deschanel’s band… and yes… she’s hot — so this helps me like their music a bit… i swear tho, she has something in her movie contracts that she has to sing in them (i think there’s like one or two that she doesn’t sing in)

She & Him – Sentimental Heart

she deserves a second video shout out!

i found out about bird and the bee from their hall & oates covers… whoa whoa whoa… hall and oates?! yes… if you think me liking hall & oates isn’t cool, then you think sarmad isn’t cool… so there…

The Bird and the Bee – Kiss is on my List

the fpsa show

so there was MUCH buzz during the wedding week about “the fpsa show” — the podcast that sarmad and i ran… we used to have it posted on odeo, itunes, and our own personal blogs…

oddly enough, there was no trace of it out on the interwebz…

the fpsa show is back online!
the fpsa show is back online!

luckily (for you), we kept backups of every recording… even the outtakes — and there are some good ones

so without further ado, here is the fpsa show podcast featuring sarmad and joey (with guest appearances by dave, saman, and fernando vargas)


anyone but him

a track from fairly new brit hip hop act, mr. hudson

you might’ve heard him on jay-z’s album — “young forever”


he also reminds me of a stylish “silas” from the da vinci code:

mr. hudson
heard this song first on sarmad’s vegas mega mix earlier this year (tho this isn’t the album version…)

mr. hudson feat. kanye west – anyone but him

doing my best impersonation of sarmad

i know i’m not the “music” dood in our clique, but i ran across this and thought it was a pretty good song…

tho, i BET that sarmad or dave will chime in and say, “OLD! i knew about these guys 2 years ago”

it’s chiddy bang – “opposite of adults”… uses that mgmt “kids” track (best new artists apparently)

anyway, here ya go… it’s a pretty sick video too