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my soul will have to wait

this is what happens when sarmad’s site goes out of commission for a long time — i post about music… hip hop no less

it’s a sick remix by kid cudi of lady gaga’s song “pokerface” (featuring kanyeezee and common) — it’s called poke her face… clever

the unremixed song is annoying as [email protected]… but this is hot fire (like chappelle):


enjoy the beat

mahna mahna

so i’ve been working on some sites — andy’s (sooo close to finished) and vaude villains (same)… normally when i’m in making sites, i have pandora open, listening to music

well this cover by cake came on recently and it got stuck in my head… so now it’ll be stuck in yours

cake version

muppets (o.g. version)

awesome star wars rendition — i swear akbar really sings the song in the movie


and finally — the office (uk) starts the day off right



so i finally did it — i switched to wordpress to drive my blog. i mean, it was fun and all to build and DO EVERYTHING on my site from scratch, but damn — it got way too meticulous

i have a bunch of beers i haven’t even posted cuz of the old method — now i should be able to post during work or anywhere with speed and agility

i think this site shouldn’t be blocked by websense (new domain and all…) i wonder how long it’ll take for it to get blocked… any guesses? my guess is that it’ll be quick because of the mad cussing and beer talk… fuck

this is pretty slick tho — compared to my other method, this is a piece of cake!

there may be some bugs in this new site — if you catch one, lemme know — i’ll answer like so, “what? really? bullshit… use firefox and it’ll be fine”

hope you enjoy the “new” digs… i know i am already!

to commemorate the launch – a song by the flight of the conchords (whose new season just started today!): beautiful girl and the hiphopopotamus vs the rhymenocerous

you are overencumbered…

yes… still playing fallout — i tried to give myself rules about that game like no playing on weekdays, but i sometimes break that rule. it was bad last night, i fell asleep with the controller in my hand (kinda like tim, but no one was there to take a picture of me)

speaking of tim, great quote about fallout 3: “too bad rhashanda doesn’t have a house in the wasteland… if she did, there’d by 3 million bobby pins in there”

* ba da bump! *

i like running into new music — nice segue!

from sarmadDelicious Vinyl RMXXOLOGY, some awesome classics redone… including young mc – bust a move… that vid of sarmad, ray, and jim berry dancing to that song for a high school project HAS to be available online somewhere… c’mon!

well i’m not featuring that one, but this one… i’ve always liked this beat (and kanye didn’t ruin it for me neither): the pharcyde – passin’ me by (hot chip remix)

then this little gem from bruce lash – prozak for lovers II [ amazon ] — it’s rock songs re-done in this jazz kinda style: blister in the sun

but i still like the original!

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