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bored as hell and i wanna get ill

so i FINALLY got my david flores prints from artasylum (that’s another story for another time… sheesh)

i got one of the three (stormtrooper) and it’s siiiik — the lines are bold and the overall design is minimalistic

frame from michael’s — a better quality one than the previous ones i’ve gotten (for the tyler stout posters)

and to appease sarmad, i took pics with a digital cam… no mr. fuzzycam here

some tunage: dynamite hack – boyz n the hood

he’s going the distance, he’s going for speed

sweet baby jesus, i got business cards for work — why? no reason… i just wanted them!

mr. fuzzycam even snapped a shot:

wtf... the number info was blurred on the card!
wtf... the number info was blurred on the card!

i’m not gonna give ’em out or anything… it’s just to be a tangible reminder i guess…

*NOTE – that email doesn’t even exist either… hahah — you’ll get bizzounced

when they delivered the cards to me, i thought of this old commercial (couldn’t findĀ  a youtube vid, unfortunately)

what’s odd is that my old department is trying to enter the support site i worked on (essentially built from scratch) into a contest for the best web support site. there are different categories so obviously my baby won’t be competing against hp or dell… the site will probably be in the small fries category… trying to win the blue ribbon for “best pig”

i dunno what’ll happen… i really haven’t looked at the competition… but in the .01% chance that the site wins… i’m totally gonna brag — ha!

kashtan bistro

so andy and i stumbled across kashtan during lunch (it was next to this crap mexican place, but that’s a different story that i won’t bore you with)

well this place actually had a neon hofbrau sign in their window, which is always be a good thing.

it’s a weird euro-kinda-setup… deli, market, and adjoining FULL bar (i mean FULL… over 300 beers from almost every european country — yes… JACKPOT)

yes, mr. fuzzycam didn't do this rack justice (all unique beers)
yes, mr. fuzzycam didn't do this rack justice (all unique beers)

the owner, tom, is a cool laid-back guy — tho it wouldn’t hurt to have someone helpin’ him out with sangwiches… he knew his stuff tho… even knew what a rachel was (batman’s favorite sandwich — tangent, i know)

the location of this restaurant is kinda strange — tucked away about a block or two from rb high, so i think that doesn’t really help him out when people are trying to look for something new to try. but with us being the only people in the joint, we were able to chat with him.

apparently, he has a beer club (yes, i will be joining) that really piqued my interest — you pay $25 for a year membership and you get a passport that he’ll stamp whenever you drink a beer there. each stamp gets you closer to a rank: prince (50), crown prince (100), and czar (250) — these are guesses… when i go back, i’ll confirm that

oh and when you get czar status, you get a plaque on the wall like this guy (only one in the whole place so far)

i thought 50 was a lot...
i thought 50 was a lot...

* there are some perks that can’t be published (or he’ll get in trouble by the ABC) — but they’re pretty cool…

so expect some reviews for some strange euro beers in the near future (had some yesterday that i wrote notes on… ha!)

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