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php: randomly picking a variable to display for a week

so i built a random name generator for andy’s site… it’s meant to show a name for one week, when that week is over, a new name will appear.

it’s super manual — every year, he has to run a script that will randomly generate the list for the year

now that i know a little bit more php, i’m wondering if there’s a way to have it randomly choose a name from a database and display that for one week. the “one week” part is the toughest.

surprisingly, i’ve already set up a plugin where he’ll be able to add, remove, edit names easily via the wordpress admin. all the names are in a nice database.

now to display a randomly generated name for a given week… halp?!

bgc spark scavenger hunt

for lala’s birthday, we participated in a scavenger hunt to benefit the spark organization. the hunt took us all around downtown san diego… overall it was a blast — walked/ran roughly 4 miles and i lost my glasses for 15 minutes. was running around and they somehow fell out of my breast pocket. re-traced my steps and THANKFULLY found them placed on an electrical box. i gotta say, this left an awesome impression of little italy on me

happy birthday lala!


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the pics you didn’t see from mogs & wogs

i posted a bunch of pics of the mogs & wogs 2: electric boogaloo event on there were a handful of pics that were hilarious or too good for me not to post somewhere

i’m guessing pics of ray smoochin’ josh won’t really make sense to a lot of those readers…

such an odd smirk on both their faces… the real power couple

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i’m an accessory to pirating

so a few days ago, i get greeted with this email from [email protected]:

The domain (joe) has reached 90% of its bandwidth limit (13637.19/15000.00 Megs).

it all looks sketchy to me so i show geoff and sure enough… i find out that i’m an accessory to pirating (hey! that’s the title of this post!). this wasn’t the first time i’ve heard of this — i remember when andy’s site got taken advantage of… to a much grander scale (75GB compared to my 15GB)

the reason? mp3’s…

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this is nuts… first a client calls my work “slapdash”… and now this (i swear outsourced writers did this to spite me):

* props to andy for catching it