Dez & Tam Ridealong – Pre-Wedding

two of my good friends, desi and tammy mendoza, are amazing photographers. one day, i randomly say that it would be a fun and different experience to tag along with them on a photoshoot. in a sense, to experience the process from the other side of the camera.

well, it turns out their next shoot was a beautiful wedding for di and mikey in pasadena. i would be their assistant, lugging extra lenses and flashes at their side. also, to take photos of them in their element — a side that most really don’t document (nor care about… but i do cuz they’re my friends)

we meet the bride and her crew (and the kardashians on tv) at the westin hotel and then the groom and his entourage (and harry and lloyd) at his apartment to take photos of the makeup, dressing up, and shot taking


desi and tammy, my ridealong guides for the day

flowergirl’s hair
a nice moment between the flowergirl and the bride


remy makes a small, but nostalgic cameo in the photo shoot

pre-wedding shots… to calm the nerves
dez preps the dress pic

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