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Scripps Ranch Little League 2013 All Stars

andy and matt are once again all stars! video of their medal ceremony below:



* video taken with my nokia lumia 928

Custom Metabox Per Template

so this came about when i was tasked to create a custom metabox for a wordpress site at work. i didn’t want the metabox to appear unless a specific template was chosen — this is so as not to confuse the person in the admin with new options they shouldn’t be messing with.

i found this solution, but it wasn’t quite working in my admin. so i put on my wordpress/php developer cap and dissected it down to the following:

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nokia lumia 928: photos

been a proud owner of a nokia lumia 928 for a couple weeks now. definitely one of its best features is the camera. LOW LIGHT SHOTS ARE AMAZEBALLS

here are the photos, untouched… in full glory:


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