Month: February 2013

check it out — i didn’t realize until brad frost’s tweet that i could upload twitter’s neat little tool to show all my tweets. the tool arrives in a zip file when you download your entire archive — just upload the whole folder

here’s my list of tweets (as of 2/15) — i kinda wish it had more stats, but i’m happy with it

the $wpdb object is crazy powerful. with it, you can access almost anything in your database

this is extremely helpful when doing plugin development…

recently at work, i was tasked to do this project:

  • create a wordpress plugin that requires a separate database table
  • the table will house data imported from several excel files
  • admin will be able to add/edit/delete entries
  • create a template that will display the data, dropdowns will help filter information: date, location
  • sort by date, then event name

$wpdb was used heavily in this plugin and it works well

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this is how excited i get when one of my work’s magazines come out