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bgc spark scavenger hunt

for lala’s birthday, we participated in a scavenger hunt to benefit the spark organization. the hunt took us all around downtown san diego… overall it was a blast — walked/ran roughly 4 miles and i lost my glasses for 15 minutes.¬†was running around and they somehow fell out of my breast pocket. re-traced my steps and THANKFULLY found them placed on an electrical box. i gotta say, this left an awesome impression of little italy on me

happy birthday lala!


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padres vs astros

took matty to the padres game today and dennis took andy. i didn’t expect much from the team. they’ve been hit with so much bad luck this year — i thought they were going to be middle of the pack at least, not bottom of the barrel.

anyways, this is the first time i brought my nex-3 to the ballpark… enjoy!

thanks to andy for the bomb seats!


yonder alonso

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I did it. I put in my two weeks.

it feels very odd, but I had to jump on the opportunity that was presented to me… i’d be stupid if I didn’t

I’m gonna miss the coworkers. seven+ years at a place… met so many people and made many friends

funny to think that the last of the mog-3 is leaving… on his own terms. it’s the way I envisioned it. I’m happy.

I attribute the title of this post to my boss. it’s succinct and it fits.


fpsa…. reunite!

sarmad, sharon, and baby marcus are in town so the gang got together… rolled around la jolla and windandsea beach, his old haunts…

sharon turned in early so we headed west so sarmad can see the sun set into the ocean

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