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beer: san miguel premium lager

beer, pare!
beer, pare!

store: bevmo
type: american adjunct lager
abv: 5.00%

FIFTY…. ridiculous that i got the goal a little past the halfway mark of the year. i definitely wanted this one to be my fiftieth (that looks weird, so i’ll just write 50th).

ahh… san miguel — the beer of choice for the filipino. i remember family parties (when i was a wee one) where uncles would drink this stuff… that was when i thought beer was gross (so maybe when i was like 18 or so)… the commercials on the filipino channels were awesome too — i couldn’t find the one i was looking for, but i saw these on youtube and they’re just as awesome:

SABADO, SABADO, SABADO — this is my jam before i roll out on saturdays — make it yours too:


and the obligatory pacman spot:


anyways… it’s a really smooth lager (american adjunct lager — you’ll notice this is a pretty popular type)… it’s light just like the rest of ’em…with minor flavors of grains

you might be thinking, “damn, joe… what an anti-climactic drink to achieve your goal on”

i say, “nay”

it’s kinda cool that it all came full circle around the world back to the philippines… aww

but don’t take my word for it, take it away, zane! (awesome — it’s a still image of balut! don’t click that if you’re squeamish!!!!)


beeradvocate: C
me: B+

beer: birra moretti

the beer for the italian businessman
the beer for the italian businessman

store: trader joe’s
type: euro pale lager
abv: 4.60%
suggested by: debbie morales

so this is one of three different types of beers that were given to me as a ‘thank you’ gift from andy’s mom, debbie (being a computer nerd has its perks). it’s funny how reformatting a computer is like pulling teeth to some people, but to me — it’s actually fun… something about wiping a computer and making it faster than before.

apparently, i didn’t have italy up on the list so this is her contribution to the list!

birra moretti was a very clean, drinkable beer… if you’re a comparison-type person, then it kinda was on the same level as a miller lite, which isn’t a bad thing… if i had a choice between ML and CL, i’d totally choose ML.

poured into my frosted stone smoked porter mug with a one-finger head and had a gold color to it

overall, it was a good after-work beer that won’t destroy you or anything… i could totally drink it again… i accompanied it with the awesome combo from vons*

*if you’re not familiar with the combo, it’s potato wedges, mac/cheese, and chicken strips (LIKE A BOSS!)

beeradvocate: C
me: B


sah-weet… three sheets is back on the air!


of all channels, fine living picked it up… kinda weird, but okay

check out the story and details on zane’s site

and of course, follow the show on twitter: @zanelamprey, @pleepleus, @stevemckennad

it’s not currently streamed on the internet, but i’m sure fine living will hook it up pretty soon…

i gotta go here — i swear the whole country smells like a brewery…


UPDATE: i <3 hulu!



wordpress: creating your own custom theme (part 2)

i feel that i should add a few notes as an addendum to my previous post — call it the “companion pack,” if you will

  • after you modify the “default” folder in the “wp-content\themes” directory, make a copy of it and rename it to something… anything…
    • i found this out the hard way. wordpress just recently did a string of updates (currently 2.8.2) and every time i’d do an update, my site would revert back to the default layout
    • luckily i had all my files locally so i was able to re-upload to the default folder
    • it only took me 3 upgrades to figure out that i had to rename the folder so that wordpress wouldn’t overwrite my work

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wordpress: creating your own custom theme

hot on the heels of my first tutorial, i come back at ya with a new one.

i REALLY like using wordpress as a cms — not only for its ease of customization or its extensive library of useful (mostly) plugins, but for these two huge reasons:

  1. ability for the end-user to modify the web site content without breaking the overall site geography
  2. search engine optimization — yea i kinda did mention them earlier, but several plugins can work to help your site get spidered like the best of them.

so i guess that answers the “why use wordpress?” question — here’s my method of getting a custom theme setup for wordpress
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