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all of my tweets

check it out — i didn’t realize until brad frost’s tweet that i could upload twitter’s neat little tool to show all my tweets. the tool arrives in a zip file when you download your entire archive — just upload the whole folder

here’s my list of tweets (as of 2/15) — i kinda wish it had more stats, but i’m happy with it

promote synergy!

“wtf, joe?”

yea i know… the site’s been collecting a bit of dust, which normally means that i’ve been busy with projects or i’m lazy (or both)

so what’s been up?

  • i’m still drinking beer… i’ve broken the goal of 50… and of course i’m behind on writing about them… talk about fanfare, eh? i think i want to blame wordpress for that… first for releasing 2.8, which had tons of issues (or maybe my site design had the issues… nahhhh). but then i just recently upgraded to 2.8.1, which is a lot better, i don’t get as many errors (they’re still there, but i can write posts at least)
    i found out it’s mostly to do with old plugins that aren’t compatible with the new versions… which is lame-o!
  • on the topic of web development, things have been movin’ along well at work and gorirra… i think i’m running myself ragged tho — after these projects on the table, i think i’m gonna take a break somehow… doubt it tho — oh well…
  • hung out with the fpsa kids over the fourth, where our motto was “24 hours to live” — fun times…
  • padres stink, as they are wont to do… effin’ a… football’s right around the corner i guess
  • i twitter a bunch, so you can pretty much follow my going’s-ons there… (left column of my site — booyah)

is that it? i think so… everything’s been pretty much status quo…

ahh… so here’s something — chaunce, andy, and i were talking about clever ways to hide particular files on one’s computer… i’m sure you all have clever ideas, so post it out… you can be “anonymous” if you want (tho i’ll know who you are, you dirty bastard)

i know mark has a folder on his desktop that says, “mark’s 2008 tax stuff” — very clever, mark… very clever.

the lonely island – like a boss

tweet tweet, tweet tweet!


as you may know, twitter has blow’d up — to the point that celebrities and well-known people are using it, such as mark cuban

in his blog, he talks about twitter a bunch — he has some cool thoughts on the service in his most recent entry:

Now that twitter seems to be a media darling and an acquisition target, I thought I would share some of my observations.

1. Tweets are the blog posts you thought about writing, but didn’t feel they had enough substance

2. Twitterers are older. Myspace started around music and students. Facebook started around college students. Twitter was started by old people. Relatively speaking :) . It could be the first new social media platform to start old and get younger, but there really is no assurance of that. I don’t know that twittering will get big for the 18 and younger set.

3. The challenge of Twitter will be its anonymity.  It’s the same problem myspace has.  @collegehottie can be a 60 year old pedophile who pushes a Tweetup and creates a problem.

4. The plus for twitter is that can reduce text messaging minutes. Particularly for broadcasting to a group of friends.

5. Twitter will need to create a groups or list function with a private option and soon. Otherwise Facebook can create a twitter like “skin” for its users to do the quick updates that twitter options. FB seems to be trying to find their way there now, recognizing the threat of Twitter.  FB updates seem to be in decline as users utilize twitter for this function

6. While there is a growing market for 3rd party twitter apps, twitter cant depend on them to expand the platform. The beauty of twitter is its simplicity.

7. The beauty of twitter is its simplicity. It works perfectly and quickly on a phone. Translated, its the ultimate time waster for the 30 plus generation.  You are never bored when you have a phone and twitter, no matter where you are. Thats the key to its success.

i definitely agree with his first point — sometimes you just want to do a quick note instead of going through the whole deal of making up a title, writing out your thoughts, tag and categorize it, etc.

also, his second point about how these social networking sites came about was pretty interesting… with the 140 character limit, it forces a person to be succinct… am i being ageist by claiming that the youth (the stereotypical myspacer) doesn’t have anything “follow-worthy” to say?

yea i think i am…

pick up the pieces!

is it odd that the highlight of my day is getting my car to sears for an alignment, wheel balance and rotation? my car used to shake like michael j. fox when i would press the brakes at pretty much any speed over 30 mph…

i figured… after 2 years of ownership… i’ll take it in to get it workin’ like new — and it is… runs (and stops) like a dream…

what else happened?

  • got new kicks, pants, and a shirt — i thought to myself… “wwsd” (where s=sarmad)
  • tried out windows mesh — as geoff states, “Windows Live Mesh. Think Remote Desktop meets file share meets file backup/sync. In other words, awesome.” (more about this soon)
  • saw “still waiting” — wasn’t that great… they relied too much on the first movie — too many references back to that one…
  • got a “save the date” postcard for my 10-year high school reunion… jesus christ it’s already 10 friggin years?
  • california burrito and a coke — gotta love san diego

so i noticed that dane cook and jim gaffigan are twittering (or as andy would argue, their publicists are twittering)… either way, they’re not really funny… it’s kind of a letdown — they pretty much use twitter to whore their new cd’s comin’ out.

it’s pretty annoying, they’re on the bubble right now of getting removed from my list unless they bring the funny

what a linkfest…

the terrell owens of the company


what would be cool is if vader battled jesus — in golf, of course…

check out darth vader’s twitter — good stuff