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i heart beer

a couple of things about last weekend… it should be noted that it almost didn’t happen for me — i was on the verge (and as i write this, i think i still am) of getting full-blown sick (not aids, at least)

had to take a half day at work and even got “wellness formula” from jimbo’s (per chaunce) — the pills taste nasty, but i think it might’ve helped (more on this later)

so i meet up with mark, dwight, tim, and mitch at the stone brewery 13th anniversary over at the csu san marcos campus…

this was my first time going to one of these things, and boy… i’ve been missing out. it was such a slick time — my only gripe was that it was effington hot… “mike’s beer cheese” was amazing


i still think coconut+porter is a great mix!


we all got sloshed for 3 hours and decide to walk across the street to have some stir fresh mongolian bbq

we get a few feet from the place and mark and dwight suddenly want to chase me down and beat me up… wtf? so i immediately channel adrian petersen and i fuckin’ run… i run and i juke… i almost get hit by cars in the parking lot and on my last juke… i hear a loud THUD behind me… i turn around and i see a mangled mess of limbs and whiteness — it’s mark

he friggin curbstomped himself

he gets up and blood everywhere — dripping from his chin onto his shirt

quickly we get him to a mr. taco bathroom where he washes a little bit — to the disgust of the patrons… as we’re leaving, everyone’s eyes are on the tall white bald bastard and his entourage… i whisper to them, “yea… i kicked his ass”

so then — even tho we were hungry, we decide it’s in mark’s best interest to go to a hospital — i see a “pph” sign (palomar pomerado health — the only reason i know this is because tomlinson does a commercial for them) and we start walking

frick — it’s closed… mark starts whining, “waah… my chest hurts…  waah… i’m losing a lot of blood”

so i have to do a quarter mile windsprint back to my car (drunk no more — adrenaline and i sweat it all out) and drive back to the closed clinic and take us to a kaiser permanente

never knew about "intermediate care"
never knew about "intermediate care"

once inside, we are loud and belligerent… so much so that we get kicked out of the waiting room… (actually, tim and i — the quietest of the bunch… the ones who were half asleep — us)

his shirt was white before the fall..

so we ended up going to the lobby and tim actually does something i never knew he could do — sleep… and i try to take a nap… meanwhile, dwight commandeers a wheelchair (three of them actually) and does a tour de france all around the hospital and around the perimeter

mark finally gets out with 8 stitches in his chin, some scrapes and bruises, but nothing else serious

overall… best stone anniversary ever! (it was kinda like the hangover… but not as funny)

oh so if you wanna see the gash (pre-stitches), click here — very graphic tho — looks like a vagina in mark’s chin… it’s breathing too! PIC (if you don’t wanna click on it, it reminded me of kuato in total recall)

spot the movies

i found this really cool art print online where the artist drew a bunch of items in a pile. all the items are from “famous” movies…

so this has been a really long email chain, but we’re stuck on the last few…

instead of giving you the answers off the bat, let’s see if you can get some — i have a guess that tim will be really good at this…

click for larger image
click for larger image

props to crazy4cult and galleries one nine eight eight

guitar: stay or leave

i love listening to dave matthews and tim reynolds — something about the purity of an acoustic duet that just makes me wanna pick up my guitar and play along

aptly named
aptly named

i used to know the whole ‘luther college’ set from start to end (ridiculous)… well they have a “new” album: live at radio city music hall (damn flash sites)… all i gotta say is tim’s amazing (not dorsey)

here’s my first attempt at playing “stay or leave” — yes, there are MANY mistakes… recorded this in bed slightly lying down… i just learned it today:

*recorded straight to laptop mic, cleaned up background hisses with adobe audition

i need to do this more often

you are overencumbered…

yes… still playing fallout — i tried to give myself rules about that game like no playing on weekdays, but i sometimes break that rule. it was bad last night, i fell asleep with the controller in my hand (kinda like tim, but no one was there to take a picture of me)

speaking of tim, great quote about fallout 3: “too bad rhashanda doesn’t have a house in the wasteland… if she did, there’d by 3 million bobby pins in there”

* ba da bump! *

i like running into new music — nice segue!

from sarmadDelicious Vinyl RMXXOLOGY, some awesome classics redone… including young mc – bust a move… that vid of sarmad, ray, and jim berry dancing to that song for a high school project HAS to be available online somewhere… c’mon!

well i’m not featuring that one, but this one… i’ve always liked this beat (and kanye didn’t ruin it for me neither): the pharcyde – passin’ me by (hot chip remix)

then this little gem from bruce lash – prozak for lovers II [ amazon ] — it’s rock songs re-done in this jazz kinda style: blister in the sun

but i still like the original!

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