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anything you want can be yours at any time

new site theme is up and running!

i’m sure i forgot something so if you see any errors… lemme know (my qc guy is in town, but i’m excited to roll out with this)

not like you care, but this is hugely different than the previous theme i had (white with the red line at the top)… this one has a bit more color in it and a few more elements that i’ve picked up recently

to start, the main logo is a transparent png with a rollover AND it degrades nicely if you’re using a shitty browser like ie6…

tranny ping (not some gay dood in china)

so it’s one image, and the css switches the image when you roll over it… this method is pretty cool and super easy to pull off. the end result is clean and it loads quick!

then there’s the overall color scheme… i wish i was better at color theory, but i’m not. so i gotta do research on colourlovers for inspiration. i knew i wanted a “web 2.0” (ugh) color scheme and i think i did it…

another thing that’s cool is the footer — i knew i wanted to do a design with a 3 column footer… i’ve seen kids these days doing it so i wanted to join that crew… i moved the archive list down here, put a short little bio (that’s a first for me), put the social networking sites, and re-added my signature in the copyright

i really like logos… especially when they’re sharp… thanks to the interwebs, i was able to find a set of illustrator vectors of the social networking site logos. so i was able to resize them down without losing quality… i used the rollover styling here as well

tranny gif this time...

and to celebrate, i’ll throw in a song… it’s actually a song i just learned on guitar — it’s SUPER simple even andy could prolly play it

it’s jason mraz’s “anything you want” off his live cd – “beautiful mess: live on earth” (hulu)

new look, same great taste

new wordpress theme for your collective asses…

lemme know what you think — and more importantly, if anything’s broken…

wordpress: creating your own custom theme (part 2)

i feel that i should add a few notes as an addendum to my previous post — call it the “companion pack,” if you will

  • after you modify the “default” folder in the “wp-content\themes” directory, make a copy of it and rename it to something… anything…
    • i found this out the hard way. wordpress just recently did a string of updates (currently 2.8.2) and every time i’d do an update, my site would revert back to the default layout
    • luckily i had all my files locally so i was able to re-upload to the default folder
    • it only took me 3 upgrades to figure out that i had to rename the folder so that wordpress wouldn’t overwrite my work

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wordpress: creating your own custom theme

hot on the heels of my first tutorial, i come back at ya with a new one.

i REALLY like using wordpress as a cms — not only for its ease of customization or its extensive library of useful (mostly) plugins, but for these two huge reasons:

  1. ability for the end-user to modify the web site content without breaking the overall site geography
  2. search engine optimization — yea i kinda did mention them earlier, but several plugins can work to help your site get spidered like the best of them.

so i guess that answers the “why use wordpress?” question — here’s my method of getting a custom theme setup for wordpress
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