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yea whatever…

2010 stats

Mat Latos 16 1 9 4 29 91 26 70 2.62 0.96
Tim Lincecum 17 0 8 4 40 121 46 97 3.28 1.30
Chris Carpenter 18 0 9 2 42 105 36 109 3.16 1.21

and how does the national league leader in saves (bell, 23) not get on the roster… but broxton, who is 10th in saves, does (16)?

guess charlie manuel doesn’t care much about winning… arthur rhodes (40 year old lefty specialist), evan meek?

so you might be saying, “damn… joey’s a padres homer”

f off… stats don’t lie…

i’ll even give props to another snubbed player, pelfrey (10-2, 2.93 era, 1.29 whip) — happy?


we got hosed tommy… we got hosed

vote for pedro... i mean.. adrian
vote for pedro... i mean.. adrian

how in the hell does khalil greene have more votes than adrian gonzalez for the all-star game… yea yea it’s gonna be in st.louis… whatever — khalil’s not even an everyday starter anymore

oh yea… adrian’s leading the league with 20 homers…

btw… i’ve never seen a play go on the DL for social anxiety disorder (bigger market team freakin’ him out eh?) — i guess the d-train also went  on the DL for this too

him and maybe heath bell are worthy of going to the game… wish i could say more tho


padres make it 10 in a row

how can the game NOT be televised — especially today… i found myself “watching” the game on espn’s gamecast (which is cool… but c’mon!)

this was a sik game… padres rolled into phoenix with a 9-game win streak

pads found themselves down early 5-0 after three… but an 8th inning rally tied it up… so they go to extra innings (AGAIN) — this doesn’t go too long though thanks to a chase headley homer in the tenth, followed by yet another heath bell save

check out this chart — it’s a win probability chart from fangraphs

pads win! pads win!
pads win! pads win!

this is a different team — look at the 7th/8th inning… padres just didn’t give up!

i have no idea what that bottom portion is — the graph going from zero to five… maybe someone could help me out with that part

then before today’s game, check out this stat — padres pitchers’ (both starters and relievers) have an amazing ERA of 1.64!


was that too much? probably — i’m no sports blogger… nor do i claim to be one

meatwad get the honeys, g

welcome to the new digs… finally decided to change the layout (i’m sure chaunce is happy about that)

no idea if there are gonna be broken pages or anything, so just let me know — my qc guy is currently out of the country

i went with a more minimal/simple look to the site — and got rid of scripts that weren’t too efficient (like the accordian script that i previously had) — i switched it to the collapsible tabs

btw… could you tell that i like helvetica? i’m PRETTY sure it’s a font that all computers can read — if not, well then you see arial there… and you suck

in sports news:

padres are currently on a 7-game win streak — ridiculous

heath bell has 12 saves, adrian gonzalez has 16 homers

padres nearly traded peavy away to the palehose — which woulda been stupid… i get it — peavy makes a shizload of money and everyone says that he’s not gonna win any rings with the padres, but he’s our ace! he’s exciting to watch…

then on that same day, the padres traded away jody gerut for tony gwynn, jr. — this is a siiiik move… he’s super excited to be a padre, following in his dad’s footsteps. check out how similar they sound — CRAZY — maybe jr. will have similar game:

junior and senior

don’t call it a comeback!

what a game! [box]

down 7-1 (five of which came in the first inning), the padres rallied like mofo’s to win it 8-7! such a good game, the padres decided to spontaneously break into an eiffel tower (picture below is moments before eckstein walks into the eiffel)

AP Photo/Tom Mihalek
AP Photo/Tom Mihalek

bell‘s got 6 saves (out of 6 opportunities)… mainly throwing the cheddar… it’s awesome to see batters late and overmatched!

if you go to the boxscore, check out that bullpen action — helpin’ out young with scoreless relief

stay hot!