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beer: schwelmer pils


store: kashtan
type: german pilsener
abv: 4.70%

here’s a super drinkable beer. i’m a fan of beer that has a swing-top — makes it more fancy and important i guess.

it’s got a mild taste, which allows for its drinkability (f you bud lite)

this brewery, like most (all?) german breweries follow the reinheitsgebot (or the german beer purity law) — a pretty cool quality-control standard

beeradvocate: B
me: B+

beer: ayinger ur-weisse

more "weizen" than "dunkel"
more "weizen" than "dunkel"

store: kashtan bistro
type: dunkelweizen
abv: 5.80%

another unique one from kashtan bistro…this beer both hurt and helped me during andy’s poker night last friday…

with no food in my belly… this beer got to work quick — it kinda gave me a ‘drunken master‘ vibe… the others in the table couldn’t find any tells cuz i was gettin’ sloshed. i also blame the chip conversion rate… i realize also that i suck at math (pfft.. some kinda asian i am)

anyway… the beer was drinkable, but if they just called it a hefeweizen, i wouldn’t have been the weiser (get it?) — it tasted like any other hef, which i’m not really a fan of… hefs are generally drinkable, but they taste fruity (you are what you drink, har har) and have a feeling of summer

beeradvocate: B+
me: B-

beer: st. pauli girl

ooh... rock band!
ooh... rock band!

store: vons
type: german pilsener
abv: 4.90%

lemme get this out in the open — i’m not a fan of green-bottled beer… so why is beer bottled in green bottles? mark says, “cos they’re fucking retarded” (true, but i’m looking for specifics — thanks for playing, mark).

here’s another answer, but it doesn’t really answer why it was done in the first place

i think it was three sheets that told me that breweries used green bottles when there was a shortage of brown bottles… can someone f’in google it to determine if i’m right or if i just pulled that one outta my ass? (i would, but i am le tired)

anyway, this beer was just like heineken, which also is way overrated (jersey douchebags) — little sour flavor. if someone on beeradvocate says they taste “hints of coriander” or “floral notes”, they’re f*ckin’ lying… there is nothing good about this beer

i’m proud to present my first D grade! whoo hoo

oh yea, and everyone wanted to be tagged — so there you go, andy, lisa, juan, and adam. enjoy the spotlight

beeradvocate: C

beer: köstritzer schwarzbier

forget the cowbell... more umlauts!
forget the cowbell... more umlauts!

store: major market
suggested by: juan

i’ll start off with the grade — i’m giving this a solid A. i’m a fan of “coffee beers” and this was no exception.

this one also came in a bigger 500ml bottle, which worked out cuz it was delish — i would definitely go back to this one and i suggest it to anyone who likes darker coffee-like beer.

finally, another beer with an A grade that rivals the peche lambic!

beeradvocate: B+

beer: paulaner oktoberfest-märzen

the umlaut means it's german!
the umlaut means it's german!

store: bevmo
type: märzen/oktoberfest
abv: 5.80%

it was an alright beer… nothing too special about it… i had it with this bomb cheese (cabot extra sharp cheddar). it wasn’t smooth going down — had some metallic flavor to it — and i’m sure i wasn’t drinking it out of an old metallic cup.

it took me a whole 6 pack to figure out that this beer was so-so… i probably won’t go back to this one…

beeradvocate: B+
me: C+

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