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chaunce’s birthday at local habit

the gang got together to celebrate chaunce’s birthday at the local habit. good food, great beer, excellent people. i just love seeing friends talking and laughing around a table.

oh and the cake was ridiculously good… kicks costco’s carrot cake’s ass…


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product review: foursquare

think: "twitter turned into a game"

so i’ve been trying this relatively new social networking trend called “foursquare

according to their wiki page, it was created back in march 2009 and has a whopping 7 employees. i’m not bashing on that… it actually motivates me that a small company can start something as big as this is (or will be).

at its core, it’s fairly simple — wherever you go, you “check in” and get points and possibly some other perks

i’m foursquare friends with chaunce, geoff, and possibly rob (who has yet to make a check in) and it’s turning into a fierce competition.

we already made a rule between us: no checking into work (cuz it’s like checking into home — you GOTTA be there)

businesses are slowly starting to jump on board, offering discounts or even free things if you check in or are a mayor (respectively)

the badges are one of the perks you can get, some of them are pretty slick — the douchebag badge is my favorite… i need to obtain this one… i think places tagged as douchebag are like higher class hotels, restaurants, or stores (ed hardy beyotch!)

if you wanna try it out, you gotta at least have an iphone, blackberry, or android-type phone… the apps NEED to be greatly improved if they really want this social network to expand like its brethren… tho right now it’s doing fine for the basic things like checking in and seeing where your friends are… but other stuff like updating photos, to do’s, top 12’s, etc. aren’t built in

yes, it’s still relatively a baby… but who knows — try it out and see what happens… then you could be like, “i was on foursquare before ashton kutcher got on it”

shun the nonbeliever!

up until a couple weeks ago, i had no idea who or what charlie the unicorn was… apparently it’s some random-ass cartoon on youtube that’s pretty hilarious…

the funny thing is that my boss actually recommended it to me and chaunce…

check it out!



two new urban dictionary posts

the word train keeps rollin’!

originally thought up by chaunce

chougar – n -the fat (chubby) equivalent of a cougar
“I was at the grocery store when this chougar was hittin’ on me with a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s under her arm.”


lawn pornament – n – Any seasonal lawn decoration that has been or can be used as a sex doll or sex toy. Can be inflatable or rigid and may or may not be modified to support deviant acts.
“My grandma called the police when she saw a drunk college student from down the street defiling her prized inflatable Santa Claus. When the Police arrived, they found him passed out holding a Christmas elf. He had apparently sealed the deal with Donner, Prancer, Rudolph’s mouth, and Frosty the Snow Man. When questioned, he claimed that he became addicted to Lawn Pornaments after dropping acid while watching a Family Guy marathon.”