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beer: jumping cow amber ale

it didn't taste like milk surprisingly
it didn't taste like milk surprisingly

store: trader joe’s
type: american amber/red ale
abv: 5.50%
suggested by: debbie morales

at first taste, i wasn’t a huge fan… but since i had six of ’em, it kind of grew on me.

it’s kind of funny — the different things i’ll notice the second, third, fourth time i drink a beer — it’s a bit on the hoppier side, but it has a slight creamy finish as you progress through the  bottle, which is nice.

i’ve ended up eating a snack whenever drinking this — try it with those lays jalapeno kettle cooked chips – that’s a good combo… well, they’re good chips overall – ha

i think that fat tire is a bit smoother to drink, but this one is alright.

beeradvocate: B-
me: B+

beer: san miguel premium lager

beer, pare!
beer, pare!

store: bevmo
type: american adjunct lager
abv: 5.00%

FIFTY…. ridiculous that i got the goal a little past the halfway mark of the year. i definitely wanted this one to be my fiftieth (that looks weird, so i’ll just write 50th).

ahh… san miguel — the beer of choice for the filipino. i remember family parties (when i was a wee one) where uncles would drink this stuff… that was when i thought beer was gross (so maybe when i was like 18 or so)… the commercials on the filipino channels were awesome too — i couldn’t find the one i was looking for, but i saw these on youtube and they’re just as awesome:

SABADO, SABADO, SABADO — this is my jam before i roll out on saturdays — make it yours too:


and the obligatory pacman spot:


anyways… it’s a really smooth lager (american adjunct lager — you’ll notice this is a pretty popular type)… it’s light just like the rest of ’em…with minor flavors of grains

you might be thinking, “damn, joe… what an anti-climactic drink to achieve your goal on”

i say, “nay”

it’s kinda cool that it all came full circle around the world back to the philippines… aww

but don’t take my word for it, take it away, zane! (awesome — it’s a still image of balut! don’t click that if you’re squeamish!!!!)


beeradvocate: C
me: B+

beer: birra moretti

the beer for the italian businessman
the beer for the italian businessman

store: trader joe’s
type: euro pale lager
abv: 4.60%
suggested by: debbie morales

so this is one of three different types of beers that were given to me as a ‘thank you’ gift from andy’s mom, debbie (being a computer nerd has its perks). it’s funny how reformatting a computer is like pulling teeth to some people, but to me — it’s actually fun… something about wiping a computer and making it faster than before.

apparently, i didn’t have italy up on the list so this is her contribution to the list!

birra moretti was a very clean, drinkable beer… if you’re a comparison-type person, then it kinda was on the same level as a miller lite, which isn’t a bad thing… if i had a choice between ML and CL, i’d totally choose ML.

poured into my frosted stone smoked porter mug with a one-finger head and had a gold color to it

overall, it was a good after-work beer that won’t destroy you or anything… i could totally drink it again… i accompanied it with the awesome combo from vons*

*if you’re not familiar with the combo, it’s potato wedges, mac/cheese, and chicken strips (LIKE A BOSS!)

beeradvocate: C
me: B

beer: club colombia


store: probably some corner “siete-once” in the country of colombia (ha!)
type: american adjunct lager
abv: 4.00%
suggested by: juan

thanks to juan for this beer… straight from mexico… err colombia — same thing i guess, right?

all to get his country’s flag into my modest list! he had to fool the TSA by turning this (and another can) into a suppository… yea… i totally drank outta the can!

so let’s see — at first sip, i KNEW it was similar to a bud light/coors light type… and i was effin’ right (american adjunct lager)! i dunno if that’s a testament to my taste buds, or the fact that i drank so much of that during the july 4th weekend (ughhhh).

tho, i will give it credit — it was a lot SMOOTHER than BL/CL imho… those other beers have a weird harshness to it that makes it lack drinkability.

i can totally see myself drinking too much of these and fuckin’ myself up… good stuff!

i grade it a B (yes, partly because of the length of personal travel from point of origin to my belly)

beeradvocate: C
me: B

beer: tatonka stout

10w-30 motor oil

store: bj’s
type: russian imperial stout
abv: 8.00%

it’s a tradition to drink this b*tch on birthdays so i had two pints of it… i was running ragged the next day (“doesn’t that mean that you’re drunk?” “no. it means i was drunk yesterday” — name that movie!)

it’s kinda funny tho — i used to loathe this beer, but now it’s not so bad. i guess my tastebuds grew up apparently (or i’ve destroyed my sense of taste, whichever one you feel applies)

this is a creamy ass stout (as stouts are wont to be) — it had a thin head (experts would say a one-finger head, but you guys are too childish for that term), but look at it in the pic… it’s a nice malty color

beeradvocate: B+
me: B-