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chase utley’s response to mac

there are so many awesome parts of this video. the fact that chase reads it like it’s a real letter, mac’s photo, that it’s put up by mlbfancave, and that there are fucking stickers in his letter!

original letter here

padres vs astros

took matty to the padres game today and dennis took andy. i didn’t expect much from the team. they’ve been hit with so much bad luck this year — i thought they were going to be middle of the pack at least, not bottom of the barrel.

anyways, this is the first time i brought my nex-3 to the ballpark… enjoy!

thanks to andy for the bomb seats!


yonder alonso

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matty closes out the game

video of matt pitching in the top of the 6th to close out the playoff game

i, along with every other parent, broke the “no cheering too loud” rule clearly. what can we say? we were pumped up! they played better than the professional team.

galaxy v. red bulls (9/24)

a few pics i took with my camera (droid x) during the la galaxy v. red bulls soccer game

interesting location for a stadium — on csu dominguez hills‘ campus (yea i didn’t know it ever existed either). the campus itself is jammed in a residential area, makin’ it a pain to park for the game…

overall, i’d go to the home depot center again (if i didn’t have to drive). we sat right behind the angel city brigade. a ruckus group of fans with elaborate chants… best one was this (sung in the tune of “oh my darling, clementine“):

who’s your father?
who’s your father?
who’s your father, referee?
you don’t have one, you don’t have one
you’re a bastard, referee!

slightly larger panoramic shots here and here

robstradamus was off…

…only by a few days (hopefully)

so rob predicted way back when (6/23/10) that the padres would clinch a greater-than-.500 record on 9/9/10 against the giants

it woulda happened too… if it wasn’t for the padres’ 10-game skid… tho even after a 10-game losing streak, the padres held onto first place — can’t say we didn’t give the giants a chance…

it’s been a while since i’ve been a stats nerd, so here we go…

stolen bases

  1. mets (122)
  2. padres (112)
  3. nats (101)
  4. rox (87)
  5. stros (87)

runs allowed per game (team pitching)

  1. padres (3.53)
  2. atl (3.81)
  3. gigantes (3.85)
  4. cards (3.89)
  5. mets (4.04)

era (team pitching)

  1. padres (3.35)
  2. cards (3.51)
  3. atl (3.54)
  4. gigantes (3.60)
  5. phills (3.80)


  1. gigantes (49)
  2. padres (40)
  3. redlegs (38)
  4. stros (37)
  5. atl (35)


  1. gigantes (1133)
  2. padres (1117)
  3. cubbies (1094)
  4. doyers (1079)
  5. beers (1065)


  1. mets (18)
  2. phills (17)
  3. padres (17)
  4. doyers (15)
  5. fish (14)

on game 138:

2010: 79-59
2009: 61-77

2010: 593 runs scored, 484 runs allowed
2009: 538 runs scored, 676 runs allowed