you rock, websense!

so we have this system in place at work called ‘websense’ that basically blocks certain sites… mostly obvious sites like amazon (shopping), espn (sports), etc.

and some not so obvious… like my site… my site was blocked for “entertainment” — i mean, c’mon! my site is definitely NOT entertaining… i think it was categorized when i had a bunch of youtube videos on the home page…

so this basically stopped me from being able to view my own site at work (unless i used quota, which we have 60 minutes of each day — yea… bull)

so i had enough… i remembered that chaunce actually contacted websense  a while back and had his site recategorized

and at work, because of my title here, i am able to view sites categorized as “social networking and personal sites” — allowing me to see facebook, twitter, and other blogs

so here’s the email i sent websense:

Hello –
I would like to request that my blog get recategorized to the “Social Networking and Personal Sites” category — currently it is set up under the “Entertainment” category.

At my workplace, I have been granted access to view sites categorized under “Social Networking and Personal Sites” because of my position as Web Developer.

My web site address is


Joey Hernandez
Gorirra Consulting
Web Developer

that email was sent on 11/15 @11:30p

well the very next day, 11/16 @12:45p i get this email:

Thank you for writing to Websense.

The site you submitted has been reviewed.  We have made an update to the following URL in our master database to address this issue: – Social Networking and Personal Sites

Categorization updates should be available in the next scheduled publication of the database.  A new database is published every business day, five days a week, Pacific Standard Time.  You should notice any updates referred to in this message within 72 hours.

Thank you for your assistance,

The Websense Database Services Staff


so here i am now… writing a post from work on 11/18! i had no idea i’d get a response THAT fast

so to websense… your response time to review claims and subsequently update your database rocks! work’s usage of websense still stinks… ha