you are overencumbered…

yes… still playing fallout — i tried to give myself rules about that game like no playing on weekdays, but i sometimes break that rule. it was bad last night, i fell asleep with the controller in my hand (kinda like tim, but no one was there to take a picture of me)

speaking of tim, great quote about fallout 3: “too bad rhashanda doesn’t have a house in the wasteland… if she did, there’d by 3 million bobby pins in there”

* ba da bump! *

i like running into new music — nice segue!

from sarmadDelicious Vinyl RMXXOLOGY, some awesome classics redone… including young mc – bust a move… that vid of sarmad, ray, and jim berry dancing to that song for a high school project HAS to be available online somewhere… c’mon!

well i’m not featuring that one, but this one… i’ve always liked this beat (and kanye didn’t ruin it for me neither): the pharcyde – passin’ me by (hot chip remix)

then this little gem from bruce lash – prozak for lovers II [ amazon ] — it’s rock songs re-done in this jazz kinda style: blister in the sun

but i still like the original!

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