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why do i wanna buy a lexus now…

so this is my crappy audition to be a writer for the thoracic fax machine site, captained by sarmad

it FINALLY feels like “winter” in san diego… the weather is awesome and the air is crisp

so i totally found* these guys: rodrigo y gabriela

their music is like world/acoustic/percussion… crazy strong and aggressive and then melodic

i was listening to their “live in japan” cd and heard a cover of one of my favorite songs… dave brubeck’s “take five

this song is such a great cold weather song…


rodrigo y gabriela – take five

dave brubeck – take five

*found is an inside joke that most of you wouldn’t get… sarmad seems to find EVERYTHING in our circle, such as shepard fairey and barack obama

**i understand if sarmad doesn’t wanna give me an author account to his site :(

my soul will have to wait

this is what happens when sarmad’s site goes out of commission for a long time — i post about music… hip hop no less

it’s a sick remix by kid cudi of lady gaga’s song “pokerface” (featuring kanyeezee and common) — it’s called poke her face… clever

the unremixed song is annoying as [email protected]… but this is hot fire (like chappelle):


enjoy the beat

beer: dundee original honey brown lager

"kissed by a bee"
honey? really?

store: ?
type: american amber/red lager
abv: 4.50%

as sarmad said, this beer was “kissed by a honeybee” — apparently there was supposed to be a hint of honey flavor to this beer, but for the life of me, i couldn’t spot it

it had a mild malty flavor that i actually enjoyed — it’s a good starter (of the night) beer because its “middle-of-the-road” flavor

ba wasn’t really fans of it tho, giving it a C+… i’m still gonna give it a B — i can see myself drinkin’ this again (maybe…)

beeradvocate: C+
me: B

beer: chimay première (red)

belgium does it again
belgium does it again

store: bevmo
type: dubbel
abv: 7.00%
suggested by: sarmad

if you go to bevmo for beer… just hit up the belgium section… seriously

so i picked this up on sarmad’s suggestion way back when (tho i got the red label, not the blue). it was a great beer to sip on while pokering (err.. i should say, “playing poker” right?) — i shoulda gotten the 750mL bottle cuz the regular bottle wasn’t enough

it’s tasty… those trappists really know what they’re doing — i gotta try the blue and white labels now

odd thing about the bottle i got — once i opened it, the beer just wanted to escape — it was flowin’ out (and no, i didn’t shake — jerks)… it was alive or something… oh well, even with that mishap, i’ll still give this an A

beeradvocate: A-
me: A

live from new york…

someone’s lurking around sd…

…i managed to take a picture with my phone…


UPDATE: the second photo i took showed more detail…

dun dun duuuuunnnnnn...
dun dun duuuuunnnnnn...