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fixing my ps3 controller with… electrical tape?

i’m not getting a ps4. i’m quite content with my ps3 — except for when either it overheats or the controllers decide to randomly push buttons for me when i’m playing a game.


not cool at all. especially when i’m on a breakaway down the pitch and my player decides to boot it into the stands sitting in the sideline (fifa)

this has happened to me before… it’s quite annoying. i used to think that it may have been interference effing with the connection from controller to ps3… but apparently it’s the contacts within the controller itself

to the youtubes! i found this great video tutorial, discussing the problem and also the solution. all i really needed was electrical tape and a jeweler’s screwdriver Read the rest of this entry »

i used to know a b*tch named eric wright

i am this close |–| to pickin’ up mlb 09 the show (sweet… adrian got some face time in one of their vids)

there are a lot of sick new features with this game… i really like the 40-man roster thing

oh yea… and since matt vasgersian has left the padres, i gotta get my fix somehow, speak of the devil:


…and i still have to beat fallout…

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