“put down backstreet boys”

so i went to trivia at kelly’s pub with a bunch of friends and we effin’ won… we beat these other teams who frequent trivia night also… and they’re bastards too — they drink water and get one order of chips… we had to take ’em out

* it should be noted that the other teams are old women… not even cougars… sheesh…

so yea… we won and of course, i showed some shitty sportsmanship but yelling, fist-pumping, and dancing a jig…

here’s our scoresheet, like you even care…

3 Responses to ““put down backstreet boys””

  1. andy says:

    you PEE’d on them and dance’d a jig

  2. Joey says:

    haha.. serves them right… comin’ in and only ordering waters and one order of chips… c’mon! that’s like ordering nothing but club soda… oh wait…

  3. andy says:

    is this you on the lawn mower?


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