possible new venture?

so i talked to dave yesterday and asked him if he wanted to partner up with me to make a line of t-shirts geared to kids. he said he was down!

so my role would be the sketches and his would be the line work and coloring (in illustrator — since i’m still a noob at that). it all needs to be vectorized so i could possibly print out the drawing and post it on the side of a skyscraper

i think it’s pretty obvious why it would be geared to kids if you look at my drawing style: cute, cuddly, happy-g0-lucky animals are all the rage with kids

in talking with greg, there are a couple of avenues to go down with respect to selling. i could either do bigcartel, threadless, etsy, or any of the other countless numbers of online stores. that is, if they’d have me. if my stuff’s not that good, then it’ll be self hosted (womp womp)

the thing to remember is that this is for fun… no pressure to sell a ton of things… and i don’t want it to be an leech on my wallet (ie buying a ton of inventory and paying each time to get it printed — which is why i kinda like the online sellers doing all that work for me and i get a cut)

i just see my nephews wearing suuuper simple shirts and i think, “hey… i could do something like that”

just my initial thoughts on this… i hope it moves forward… wish me luck, peeps