meatwad get the honeys, g

welcome to the new digs… finally decided to change the layout (i’m sure chaunce is happy about that)

no idea if there are gonna be broken pages or anything, so just let me know — my qc guy is currently out of the country

i went with a more minimal/simple look to the site — and got rid of scripts that weren’t too efficient (like the accordian script that i previously had) — i switched it to the collapsible tabs

btw… could you tell that i like helvetica? i’m PRETTY sure it’s a font that all computers can read — if not, well then you see arial there… and you suck

in sports news:

padres are currently on a 7-game win streak — ridiculous

heath bell has 12 saves, adrian gonzalez has 16 homers

padres nearly traded peavy away to the palehose — which woulda been stupid… i get it — peavy makes a shizload of money and everyone says that he’s not gonna win any rings with the padres, but he’s our ace! he’s exciting to watch…

then on that same day, the padres traded away jody gerut for tony gwynn, jr. — this is a siiiik move… he’s super excited to be a padre, following in his dad’s footsteps. check out how similar they sound — CRAZY — maybe jr. will have similar game:

junior and senior