mahna mahna

so i’ve been working on some sites — andy’s (sooo close to finished) and vaude villains (same)… normally when i’m in making sites, i have pandora open, listening to music

well this cover by cake came on recently and it got stuck in my head… so now it’ll be stuck in yours

cake version

muppets (o.g. version)

awesome star wars rendition — i swear akbar really sings the song in the movie


and finally — the office (uk) starts the day off right


4 Responses to “mahna mahna”

  1. White Mark says:

    Fuck your comments for making me have an email address, joey. Seriously, take a giant step backwards and fuck yourself.

    here’s a wow video of that song:

    and one that only ppl who play wow will get… which is exactly 0 people that read this site:

  2. Mahna Mahna!

    Great cover! I wish YouTube wasn’t blocked here. Work is the only time I can get non-work things done (watch YouTube)!! LOL

  3. joey says:

    yea you’re right mark… i don’t get it — NERDS!


  4. White Mark says:

    here are some serious NERDS…

    I’ll tell you what tho… i’ll never say “roflmao” in my head any other way now… :(

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