levántate, everybody get up!

take it in
first place, over .500... take it in

sweet game — another series win!

i knew henry blanco [link] would be awesome… he’s got some pop in the bat AND he actually throws out would-be stealers — something the padres haven’t had in a LOOONG time

and clutch hitting by adrian! hits a double to clear the loaded bases — as a side note, he’s ridiculous in mlb09 — the developers must’ve jacked up his stats or something

so yea — maybe the 22-inning curse is over? padres were 8-7 before that friggin game… then they never made it over .500 for the rest of the season. (i think… i’m buzzed and lazy to do extra research)

tomorrow is CY vs. the freak — this kid’s crazy, but how can you hate on a guy with this voiceover: tim lincecum beyond dedication (damn — i wanted to link directly to the video, but mlb really looks down on embedding videos — lame)