sah-weet… three sheets is back on the air!


of all channels, fine living picked it up… kinda weird, but okay

check out the story and details on zane’s site

and of course, follow the show on twitter: @zanelamprey, @pleepleus, @stevemckennad

it’s not currently streamed on the internet, but i’m sure fine living will hook it up pretty soon…

i gotta go here — i swear the whole country smells like a brewery…


UPDATE: i <3 hulu!



3 Responses to “kampai!”

  1. andy says:

    damn, i dont get that channel! slainte

  2. Joey says:

    that’s cuz you chose the sports package instead of the potpourri package… i dunno what it’s called

    hoping it’ll get on the interwebz soon

  3. andy says:

    i didnt CHOOSE the sports package, but if given the choice…

    mi madre was saying yesterday it only costs like a dollar to add the channel. i gotta give a call and see if thats true.

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