i’m not dead… yet!

yikes… haven’t posted to the site in a LOONG time… work’s been keepin’ me busy… makesĀ  me not wanna look at code when i get home

anyways… i’m 1-0 in both fantasy football leagues (2nd place in points in both also!)… thank you, mark for reggie wayne and baby sproles — i HIGHLY doubt that i can keep this up (esp with mcnabb getting broken)

oh and wtf is up with the padres? as mugatu would say, “those padres, they’re so hot right now”

they’re actually winning series against wild card contenders (but then drop 2 of 3 to the lowly d’bags)

crazy game tho today — gotta love that one dood named adrian gonzalez

2010 — padres return to greatness… or at least get a winning record (i’d be okay with that)

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  1. White Mark says:

    You’re welcome for Sproles and Wayne.

    We’ll see how well they do for you this week when we meet.

    Just so everyone knows… Joey is second in points. I am first.

    (and technically, herb is second in points, but he lost (to me) so joey is in second place.)

    Just so you know.

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