i’m an accessory to pirating

so a few days ago, i get greeted with this email from [email protected]:

The domain gorirrajoe.com (joe) has reached 90% of its bandwidth limit (13637.19/15000.00 Megs).

it all looks sketchy to me so i show geoff and sure enough… i find out that i’m an accessory to pirating (hey! that’s the title of this post!). this wasn’t the first time i’ve heard of this — i remember when andy’s site got taken advantage of… to a much grander scale (75GB compared to my 15GB)

the reason? mp3’s…

all these mp3 search sites found my site and were downloading all the music i had on my site… and i thought i had been clever by changing the filenames to initials. turns out, the search sites were probably finding the actual metadata within the file. clever girl.

here’s a rundown of the bandwidth offenders:

thought it was clever with cryptic filenames...
  • jm-pl.mp3 – john mayer – perfectly lonely
  • tbatb-kioml.mp3 – the bird and the bee – kiss is on my list
  • tr-k.mp3 – tim reynolds – kashmir
  • cb-ooa.mp3 – chiddy bang – opposite of adults
  • tdb-cw.mp3 – the dust brothers – corporate world
  • p-ed.mp3 – pomplamoose – expiration date
  • mrH-abh.mp3 – mr. h – anyone but him
  • tdb-hrk.mp3 – the dust brothers – hessel, raymond k
  • loveSoon.mp3 – this was actually a self recording by me (john mayer – love soon). i bet the people who downloaded it were so disappointed
  • s_h-sh.mp3 – she & him – sentimental heart
so all those are now deleted and it’s funny to see the referrals and 404 hits:
404's and Heartbreaks
can you tell when i removed the mp3's?

so now my site is lonely again… i need to write again