i’ll never get out of this world alive

one more post about the life and times of tim… i caught up on season 1 and it’s pretty hilarious… the shit that he gets into is ridiculous… kinda reminds me of larry david-type character… but not as loud

lemme try to prep this clip — basically, this priest has a thing called “monday night confessional” where people come over to his place to watch football and then do confessional during halftime… hilarity ensues (click tim’s face)

click tim for the video clip

and here’s a hilarious wallpaper referring to the previous clip

6 Responses to “i’ll never get out of this world alive”

  1. andy says:

    so NOW youve come around to the larry david spirit? pffft.

  2. andy says:

    and nice with the image for the clip

  3. Joey says:

    note that i still say that he’s not as loud… it was the closest thing i could think of… i also wanna say david brent of the office (uk)

  4. andy says:

    thanks for the ()…since there isnt a “david brent” in the usa version

  5. andy says:

    btw, your clock on here needs to spring forward.

  6. andy says:

    when you dont hear anything, thats good

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