i watch too much tv

so yea.. i admit it… i watch a lot of tv (odd how i’m so behind on my fav shows tho — lame)

it looks like the theme for superbowl commercials was physical pain… because, hey… pain == comedy (yes, that’s 2 equal signs)

i think the favorite of the day was the careerbuilder.com one… it didn’t have real pain on a human… just perceived pain on a stuffed koala:


just the best part:


this one isn’t quite a superbowl commercial, but requires commentary… pizza hut goes to great lengths to try to prove that their food is the shizzle… the one where they go to italy reminded me of an snl skit from a while ago… here’s the pizza hut one first:


and here’s the skit:

all i’m sayin’ is pizza hut better watch out — they might upset the wrong people…

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