happee noo yeer

so it’s a brand new year… and i feel like this is a turning point in my life. i’ve had many life changes last year and am excited for more in 2013.

things i want to do (in no particular order):

  • lose 10-15 pounds – exercise more, eat healthier
  • learn more wordpress stuff (general php, plugins, database stuff, etc)
  • make a screenprint* –¬†get better at illustrator
  • continue sketching to keep my brain creative

that’s just off the top of my head. i know there are more, the list isn’t complete at this point.

* i really want to make a screenprint. i see some stuff from OMGposters or fab and i think, “hey, i could make something like that.” i think it’s totally possible. i’d just need a vectorized file, which means illustrator… seems tough, but so is photoshop. i think i have enough room in my brain for another program

i also want to start posting things i like/want. “isn’t that pinterest?” well yea… but i can actually build things for me… so, there you go