get a starbucks card account already!

this really only applies if you go to starbucks (no matter how often)

so i’ve been meaning to write this for a while now. i was going to write it on MoG, but i think i’d sound like a prick, telling people what to do… plus i don’t want to care about punctuation and grammar

anyway, there are several reasons to get a starbucks card account

  • consolidate all your cards into one – this is huge, especially after the holidays or a birthday
  • perks – free drink on your birthday, free syrups, free refills on brewed coffee/tea, free beverage with whole bean purchase, and free drink every 15 stars (gold level)
  • cool guy status – you’ll get a gold card (after 30 stars) OR you can pay for your order with the iPhone or Android app (pay with the app and people will think you’re from the future)

* there used to be a roundabout way to get free wifi (for 2 hours) at starbucks by reloading a gift card over and over… but they now offer free wifi (no time limit) in their coffeehouses

as greg always says, “everyone’s going cashless”

i can’t really see any cons in setting up a starbucks card account… are there any? if there were, the benefits would definitely outweight the negatives