fun with text to voice!

so i have a blackberry tour now — it’s not as cool as the almighty iPhone, but hey… i’m not a douche

they have a good/small set of apps that can be useful — i really like how they can be run in the background (boom!)…

here’s one good review site for all things blackberry:

anyway, i found this awesome app called — it reads your incoming texts so you don’t have to lose your focus while driving (cuz i’m already reading, smoking, and drinking… pfft)…

not only does it read names and texts really well… it makes for some fun times.

here are a few that chaunce was sending me during work:

marsha 1

marsha 2

he sent this one when we were eatin’ pho at lunch:


geoff even got in on the action (thank god i had the app turned OFF when he sent this):

handjob mart

there’s an iPhone version coming soon… so there you go

i’m still playin’ with it… but i think i might buy it… $14 one time? not bad at all…

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  1. Sarmad says:

    Oh man that was funny. Reminds me of back in the day when we use to use the voice synth that came with Mac OS 7 to make it say crazy stuff in all those strange voices.
    Was almost perfect for prank calls…

  2. […] more of a fun app, but can be pretty useful. it will read your incoming text messages out loud. i wrote a post previously about the fun times you can have with […]

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